Contra: Operation Galuga Trailer Roll Calls The Six Playable Heroes

Contra: Operation Galuga Trailer Roll Calls The Six Playable Heroes

In September, Konami announced it was going back to Contra’s 2D roots with a sort of reimagining of the NES original dubbed Contra: Operation Galuga. The game, developed by Wayforward, features six playable heroes, and a new trailer runs down each one and what they bring to the table.

The trailer also provides another look at Operation Galuga’s modernized run-and-gun action, which harkens back to the classics with up to four players working together to blast apart enemies. Operation Galuga serves as a reimagining of the first Contra game with a roster of heroes bringing the fight to the Red Falcon terrorist faction, which Konami breaks down below:

Bill Rizer: Field leader of the Contra unit, possessing exceptional physical strength, agility, and mental fortitude. Proficient in all manner of armaments and well-versed in military science. 

Lance Bean: An expert marksman adept with machinery. Was active as a guerrilla fighter before being recruited into the Earth Marine Corps by Bill Rizer.

Ariana: A tremendously skilled warrior from the Galuga Archipelago. After her village was nearly wiped out by Red Falcon’s attack, she wages a one-woman war against the enemy forces. 

Lucia: Deputy commander in the Earth Marine Corps and also a talented field operative. She is equally proficient at combat missions and covert intelligence.

Lt. Stanley Ironside: A veteran who leads an armored platoon in the GX Army. He wears a powered Hercules exosuit to supplement his already formidable combat skills.

Probotector: Autonomous training robots used by the Contra Unit. Utilizing cutting-edge tech,  they are every bit as capable in the field as their human counterparts.

Each character can be bolstered with up to two perks purchased from an in-game shop using virtual credits (with Konami stating these are not microtransactions). Perks include respawn invulnerability or starting stages with a specific weapon. 

Contra: Operation Galuga will feature a story campaign, arcade mode, and a 30-mission challenge mode. It’s slated to release early next year for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Switch, and PC

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