(BPRW) 4tee Acres and PGA REACH Launch First National Diversity Golf Program for HBCUs and State Schools | Black PR Wire, Inc.

(BPRW) 4tee Acres and PGA REACH Launch First National Diversity Golf Program for HBCUs and State Schools | Black PR Wire, Inc.

(BPRW) 4tee Acres and PGA REACH Launch First National Diversity Golf Program for HBCUs and State Schools

(Black PR Wire) 4tee Acres along with Middle-Atlantic PGA REACH today announced a non-profit partnership to promote financial literacy, STEM, and golf at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and state schools with the mission to Drive for Diversity and increase Black women in golf.

Angel Rich-Jones, Hampton University alum and Bowie State University Foundation board member, and Karl Jones, Howard University alum, have partnered with J.P. Lunn, PGA member and President of PGA REACH Middle-Atlantic, to launch a signature HBCU program to provide students with access to quality golf clubs, clothes, and a variety of clinics. The program will enable students to travel for golf tournaments, support recruiting efforts, and build a pipeline to being a PGA professional while learning real-world skills.

The non-profit is also excited to deliver a new golf fashion line for the culture. The line will feature stylish golf apparel that can be worn on and off the course. Highlighting Black women, items feature form fitting materials for curves and innovation for efficiency while playing.

“Expanding opportunities for HBCU students without barriers opens doors for an infinite future of young Black golfers to accomplish new heights and for HBCU golf programs to increase authority as they grow beyond expectation,” said Angel Rich-Jones. “4tee Acres is devoted to promoting equity in golf from students to the professionals and we look forward to working together to expand diversity across the industry.  

This program will allow each school the ability to invite more students to participate in learning golf, building financial health, and strengthening STEM skills. With increased resources 4tee Acres aims to assist schools with quality golf clinics with lessons from PGA professionals, appropriately sized clubs, and clothes from an upcoming fashion line.

“Through PGA REACH we will be able to positively impact the lives of youth, military and diverse populations by enabling access to PGA Professionals, PGA Sections and the game of golf,” said J.P. Lunn.

Additionally, 4tee Acres will support Veterans through PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) with mental-health and well-being for players and members of their household. Golf is a great social, low-impact activity that raises confidence, reduces stress, builds self-esteem, and can even increase your life expectancy by five years according to the National Library of Medicine.

Earlier this year 4tee Acres hosted the Harlem Globetrotters to teach them how to play golf along with National African-American Golf Hall of Famer Jimmy Garvin and Howard University’s Assistant Golf Coach Airielle Dawson. Harlem Globetrotters Play It Forward Season 1 Episode 18 Yes You Can is steaming now on Peacock.

For young Black golfers, the chance to enter more golf tournaments, become PGA professionals and succeed in life is not just about how great they can putt – the network they establish off the course with industry professionals, their ability to make wise financial decisions, and the opportunity to build their own STEM product can make a difference in the pathway to their future.

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