Bindi Irwin and 2-Year-old Daughter Grace Warrior Are Twins in New Pic

    Bindi Irwin and 2-Year-old Daughter Grace Warrior Are Twins in New Pic

    Bindi Irwin and her daughter, Grace Warrior, are the sweetest mother-daughter duo!

    On Saturday, the Crikey! It’s the Irwins star shared a new set of selfies featuring her and Chandler Powell’s 2-year-old daughter.

    “Sweetheart ❤️,” Bindi wrote.

    The post led with a picture of Bindi and Grace looking at each other as the scrunch their faces up close. In the next photo, Grace is all smiles as she looks directly into the camera. Showing off just how much they look alike, Bindi and Grace smile for the camera in the final picture.

    Bindi Irwin/Instagram

    Bindi’s husband, Chandler, shared the post on his respective Instagram Story.

    Grace and Bindi’s photoshoot comes after they recently marked a sweet tradition. Last month, the wildlife conservationist celebrated her little girl’s half birthday.

    “We have a family tradition of celebrating ‘unbirthdays’ when you turn a half. ❤️ Happy two and a half unbirthday to our beautiful Grace Warrior,” she captioned a video on Instagram to mark the milestone. 

    “Grace, you can choose anything you want,” Bindi coos to her daughter in the cute clip. Grace then goes wild choosing an armful of stuffed animals to bring home. 

    “So, Grace is two and a half today which means that we celebrate our unbirthday,” Bindi explained in the video. “So we have to let her choose anything she wants in the Australia Zoo elephant shop to celebrate. It’s very cute.” 

    Grace evaluates several of her options, including stuffed giraffes, elephants, lemurs, meerkats and zebras, to name a few. In the end, she seems to settle on a giraffe and elephant as her favorites, carrying them proudly out of the shop. 

    “This is the first time that we’ve ever done this at the zoo with Grace — just go wild at the shop,” Bindi added. 

    In August, Bindi celebrated having her daughter, as she reflected on her recovery following struggle with endometriosis. In an interview with People, Bindi shared how troubling it is when people ask her if she is going to have more children.

    “For us personally, we feel so lucky to have Grace. I think that every day I wake up and I look at our beautiful daughter and think she is our tiny little miracle and it makes me cry because we were very, very lucky to have her,” Irwin shared with People. “And there was every chance that we wouldn’t have been able to have a little one, so to have our beautiful girl, we are so lucky. And I wish more people would pause before asking, ‘Why aren’t you having more children?'”

    Calling the question “heartbreaking,” Irwin added, “It breaks your heart because we all have a different journey and a different story.”



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