Apple Safari: ‘StopTheFonts’ Extension Brings Better Speed, Privacy, and MORE

Apple Safari: ‘StopTheFonts’ Extension Brings Better Speed, Privacy, and MORE

The latest Safari extension under the “StopThe” series from Jeff Johnson finally arrived, and it is called “StopTheFonts” which centers on blocking custom web content fonts that are different from installed ones. This centers on delivering better privacy settings for the web browser to avoid exposing one’s IP address, as well as improve its speed. 

Jeff Johnson brings this new extension to users after seeing that there are no extensions that block custom web fonts from the browser, also making one’s data available online. 

Apple Safari Extension ‘StopTheFonts’ Brings Better Privacy

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The Underpass App Company from Jeff Johnson brings a new Safari extension called StopTheFonts that centers on better privacy features for web browsers, as well as improved speed. This extension is a content blocker, and by default, it would disable all web fonts from different sites to load and prevent unwanted exposure of the IP address of one’s computer. 

“There are a number of reasons to use StopTheFonts: to protect your privacy, because every web font is loaded over the web, exposing your IP address and possibly other information, often to third parties; to make web pages load faster, because they don’t have to wait for the fonts to load; to save bandwidth on carrier-limited connections,” said Johnson. 

Users may also create specific rules to allow or block fonts from specific websites, under two types-a web font rule and a website rule. The extension is available on the Apple App Store for $2.99.

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‘StopThe’ Extension Series from Jeff Johnson

This new extension is another addition to Johnson’s “StopThe” series which began with the StopTheMadness feature from the company. It centers on another privacy-centered extension that allows copy and paste on websites that blocked it, disables URL tracking parameters, stops auto playing videos, and more. 

Apple Safari’s Privacy Features

Safari is best known for Apple’s take on a native web browser for Cupertino’s devices, which was also made available for Windows in the past before the company took down its support last year. The company recently saw one billion users in the past, a new record for the browser, but it was not enough to beat Chrome and Firefox.

In different updates to the macOSX, Apple delivered massive features to Safari’s privacy and safety, giving users more control over their data and information. Apart from the company’s features, many developers deliver apps to help Safari bring better open-in-app pop-ups, as it would initially revert to Safari, and if you are not logged in, it would be a hassle viewing it. 

With the growth of Safari and Apple not being the “invincible” set of devices or software that was previously thought to have no risks or viruses, the company and developers are stepping up with features. The latest edition of the StopTheFont extension gives the decision to load fonts and control their privacy in their browsers, with a price. 

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