’90 Day Fiancé’: Jasmine’s Son Appears on Camera for the First Time

    ’90 Day Fiancé’: Jasmine’s Son Appears on Camera for the First Time

    Jasmine got ready to make her big move to the United States from Panama to be with Gino on Sunday’s premiere of season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé, and her eldest son, Juance, appeared on camera for the first time. Jasmine has two kids with her ex-husband, but they have never appeared on the show until Sunday’s episode.

    Jasmine said her connection with Juance was “out of this world” and that they were extremely close. She also has a younger son named JC. Jasmine shared that it was going to be extremely tough to move and leave behind her kids, though she and Gino’s plan was to also move her two sons to Michigan as soon as possible. Jasmine also shared never-before-seen pictures of Gino spending time with Juance. She said that although Gino and her kids didn’t speak the same language, they got along great.

    “It was such a beautiful moment,” she recalled. “It is something that I will take in my heart until the day that I die.”

    During the episode, she had to tell Juance that she was leaving to live with Gino in Michigan. She said he really wanted to live in the U.S. as well. In a heartbreaking moment, Juance told cameras that he loved spending time with his mom and will miss her smile the most. Still, he gave his blessing to a tearful Jasmine, who said she was crying happy tears. She noted she was so proud of him.

    “It’s gonna be very hard for me to be far from my kids because as a mom I’m 100 percent involved in their lives, but I know that everything I’m doing is for them and eventually we’re gonna be all together,” she said. “I keep repeating those things, but it gives me nightmares and a hard time trying to sleep at night thinking about not being with them.”

    Still, it wouldn’t be an episode of 90 Day Fiancé without Jasmine and Gino getting into a huge fight. Later, Jasmine became angry when her future sister-in-law sent her a message telling her not to get married during the dates she’s going on vacation. Jasmine explained that she was mad she asked more like a demand instead of a polite request. When she explained the situation to Gino over the phone, Gino defended his sister-in-law and told Jasmine that he didn’t like the way she spoke about his family as if they were her “enemies.” Jasmine told cameras he was biased and always blamed her for not getting along with his family. Gino completely took his sister-in-law’s side and said it was Jasmine that needed to have “compassion” for his family. Of course, Jasmine didn’t take this well and heatedly yelled at him in the middle of a store, noting that she was leaving her whole life just to be with him but nobody had any compassion for her. But Gino wouldn’t budge.

    “I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure they’re gonna attend our wedding,” he told her. “That’s my brother and sister-in-law, and that’s the way it is. … I’m done talking about the wedding stuff.”

    A stone-faced Jasmine called him a jerk and said they would talk later and sarcastically told him to say hi to his “lovely family.” Jasmine got emotional when she hung up the phone, stressing that she wasn’t making the rudeness she received up.

    “When it’s about his family, I never win,” she said, before bursting into tears. “It’s like this all the time. … I don’t have any American friends, I don’t have anyone, not even in any part of the world. I’m gonna be so lonely. And look at Gino’s attitude.”

    ET recently spoke to Jasmine and Gino about season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé and Gino said Jasmine’s relationship with his family has actually improved a lot since she moved to Michigan.

    “She’s met, you know, for instance my cousin Dana and Michelle and my brother and my uncle and now that they met her in person, they really, really like her a lot. Yeah, because her personality really shines and they’ve seen the kind of person that she is and they really like her a lot.”

    But Jasmine was much more reluctant.

    “It’s not that I see them now like family because I have always told Gino, I’m not going to be a hypocrite,” she said. “It’s going to take hard work because this is not like my family, I am their blood and they don’t have any other option than loving me. You know, they can decide either to love me or not but I’m looking forward to having a good relationship with them. I came here with an open heart and of course that’s what I want but, you know, they have to be nice to me if they want me to be nice. As in any relationship, the dynamic, you know, it needs to be respectful and I don’t like people being too opinionated when it comes to my relationship, especially with Gino, and that is something that they are very overprotective of Gino. But they need to keep their corner and their space if they want to have a peaceful relationship with me, just saying.”

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